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Excel Basics Video Youtube Channel an Introduction

Hello, My Name is Arief Rahman. You guys can call me Arief. For a long-long time ago, I used doing my job especially input, organizing, and calculating data using Microsoft Excel software.

Microsoft Office Excel is an application program specifically for processing information that is a statistic, calculation, report generation and so on. Many companies from small to large scale use Excel applications to help make a report that fits the needs and desires of the company.

If there is a question "why should you learn the Microsoft Excel application" the answer lies in the needs of each individual. If the individual is in an academic environment, the excel application is used as a learning media, if it is in a corporate environment, the needs can be more extensive not only learning media but have been used for company needs to make reports, calculations, payments and so forth.

At Microsoft Excel, we work with a workbook system, whereas in a workbook there are worksheets or worksheets. In this worksheet, we work by using columns and rows that form small cells in the form of cells where we enter data.

Do you have to add lots of data in a short amount of time? Or do you want to find out what is the average value of the existing data set? This will not be a problem if you are using an Excel application.

When using Microsoft Excel, you can use a variety of basic templates that are available according to your needs when opening Microsoft Excel, these basic templates can be selected as needed.

We can make a variety of more interesting reports, accompanied by charts in using Microsoft Excel such as financial budgeting, daily schedules, lists, and various other reports easily according to the needs of our work.

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