f Indonesia Military (TNI-AU) Aircraft Crashed In Riau - Detij Video

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Indonesia Military (TNI-AU) Aircraft Crashed In Riau

The Indonesian Air Force fighter plane crashed in Kubang Jaya Village, Siak Hulu Subdistrict, Kampar Regency, Riau, on Monday (6/15/2020) around 08.13 WIB. 

 According to residents' testimonies, before the plane crashed, explosion and fire sounded in the rear of the TT type Hawk fighter. 

Meanwhile, there has been no official statement regarding the number of victims in the incident. However, the pilot survived and was undergoing treatment at the hospital. 

Hawk 200 is an aircraft made by British Aerospace (BAE), England. This aircraft began to join the Air Force since 1996.  

The specifications, this aircraft engined Turbo Fan, 871 Adour twin-spool.  This low turbofan engine is a product of Rolls-Royce. The aircraft was designed to carry out 'air to ground attack' missions. 

This aircraft is capable of racing 1.2 times the speed of sound or the equivalent of 1,470 km/hr carrying various weapons. It's sad news after the Mi-17 crash several days ago.

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