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Indonesian Guy Knocking Out Racist

A fighting scene on the streets recently has been viral on social media and become a subject of discussion by a citizen. Video shows a white man fell after being beaten by an Asian (Indonesia) man.

The fight was inevitable after a white man provoked racist provocation from a man from Asia to fight.

The incident became viral because a video was recorded by a person who was in a possible location in San Diego, United States (US).

In the one-minute video, a white man provokes a young man in a black shirt.

The white man wearing a gray T-shirt was heard chanting racist words that threatened the young man.

The white man forward had a chance to throw a kick at his opponent who kept moving backward, refusing to try to calm him down.

The man in the black shirt could take out a taser or stinger to prevent the white man from attacking him.

The two eventually fought for a few moments and ended after the white man who provoked collapsed hit by his opponent.

The video was shared on various social media, one of which mentioned that the incident occurred in San Diego, USA. While the Youtube Channel account @Thomas Muller said that the man wearing the shirt was an Indonesian student in the US.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has been communicating with representatives of the Republic of Indonesia and the Indonesian community in the US, but until this report was released it was unable to confirm the claim.

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