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WakatobiAIS, A New Technology For Small Fisheries Safety And Monitoring

WakatobiAIS stands for AIS information-based vehicle safety & monitoring. Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) class B portable devices. Small portable transmitter automatic identification system (AIS). Designed to improve the safety of fishermen. especially small fishermen and increase the monitoring of fishing vessels and prevent IUU fishing. 

 When turned on, WakatobiAIS automatically functions as AIS Class B, transmitting the identity, position, movement of ships, other static and dynamic data from AIS. Data is sent periodically, so that the receiving device will take the form of a track of the ship's track. 

Thus, other ships and VTS on land will get actual and accurate monitoring data. When experiencing distress, the user can activate the SOS mode. The device will act as AIS SART, which sends emergency messages to all other AIS receiving devices. 

Safety-related messages and identity data as well as vessel position Will be displayed on the AIS equipment of other ships and VTS ashore, so that help and search can be carried out immediately  

 Wakatobi AIS is also equipped with a Location Tag button to make it easy for users to send locations for specific destinations such as FAD locations, encounters with marine mammals, shipwreck locations and fishing locations. If this button is activated, the ship's current location and identity will be sent to the ground station. 

Wakatobi AIS is AIS that is portable, has a small size and lightweight. This tool is battery operated, so there is no need anymore need a battery like other AIS tools. WakatobiAIS can be operated for 6 days nonstop for SART mode and more than a week for AIS mode until the device is recharged for subsequent use. GPS has also been implanted in the device. So that the GPS cable and antenna are no longer needed. 

Thus Wakatobi AIS is very suitable to be applied to ships of all sizes even on small boats and traditional motorboats that are small and have no roof. This will allow large ships to see the position and movement of small vessels even at night. 

 To display the position of the ship and the Wakatobi AIS cruise map, it can be connected to a Smartphone via an energy-efficient Bluetooth connection.

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